Want to know the top 5 mental blocks sabotaging your business?

Get your FREE guide on identifying and overcoming your mental blocks!

Want to know the top 5 mental blocks sabotaging your business?

Get your FREE guide on identifying and overcoming your mental blocks!

Confidence. Clarity. Freedom. Abundance.

Not feelin’ it? Don’t worry. You will!

I know you. In your heart of hearts you are a smart, soulful female entrepreneur–kicking ass and taking names! You’re strong, independent, and smart as a whip. You have an amazing vision for your work and life, and you’re ready to live it! 

BUT, despite your all your best efforts to move forward with your dreams, you find yourself stuck in feelings of self-doubt and fear. Perhaps you are struggling with launching your business or becoming more visible online. Or maybe you are fearful of taking your business to the next level. Perhaps you find yourself procrastinating and self-sabotaging when it comes to your biggest dreams and goals, or giving in to negative self-talk. 

Here’s the truth

If you are feeling stuck in some area of your life or business, it is because there is some subconscious thought or belief holding you back from achieving the happiness and success you truly deserve. How do I know? Because it is our beliefs that create our experiences. 

The power to achieve anything you desire is already within you. You simply need to shift your beliefs in the direction of your dreams!

And that is why you are here!

Hi, I’m Andrea! I specialize in helping female entrepreneurs, just like you, overcome their deepest mental blocks and limiting beliefs and reach new levels of success and happiness in every area of their lives! I am passionate about blending my skills as a psychotherapist, mindset coach, and entrepreneur to help women create lives of joy, abundance, and passion. My unique approach blends the most cutting edge brain science techniques with the power of coaching to create something far more powerful than you have ever experienced! Together we will actually deconstruct networks in your brain that have set you up for self-doubt and self-sabotage, and rewire it for confidence and success.

Sound amazing? Let’s get started!

My work with Andrea was a game changer! I gained the knowledge and self-love I needed to move forward with the life I wanted to be living.

Susan B

Andrea has believed in me from day one. Even when I couldn’t see possibilities for myself, she always had faith in my ability to find my way.

Emily M

I wish I had done this years ago. The support I receive from Andrea has made all the difference in the world. Everyone should work with her. She is a gem!

Stephanie A

Where are you on your entrepreneurial journey?

Don’t wait to create a life you love.

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